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Hi there :)

*Help me reach £1500!!*

Last chance to donate this week!

I’ve currently raised about £1300, just a few pounds from you could make all the difference and help me achieve my £1500 target! There’s a week left before the sponsorship system closes and the final amount will be calculated, so please see if you could give just a little bit to help me hit £1500! Thank you for anything you’re able to give, it’s really really appreciated!


In a moment of madness, I decided to run in three half marathons this year to raise some much needed dosh for Leeds TIDAL, and to really challenge myself to get fitter and faster!

So, who are TIDAL and why sponsor me? Well, TIDAL support activists in Leeds to campaign on some of the world’s most pressing issues. From dropping international debt and protecting biodiversity to food security and combating climate change, whatever the (global) issue TIDAL are on hand to help people in Leeds address these problems at their root through political action.

I have been actively involved with TIDAL over the last couple of years, joining the Board about 6 months ago, and as we’re such a small, grassroots organisation I know how much impact even a small amount of money can have and exactly how it is spent. At the moment, we’re really in need of some more funds to help us continue with our work – anything you can give will truly be appreciated.